We have the technical expertise to execute all types of HVAC projects ranging from centralised split duct chillers to Split and window units. Infinite International Services LLC takes up the supply, installation, testing & commissioning of the following

Our services

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Wall Mounted Split Units

Our wall-mounted split units are designed for maximum efficiency and comfort. They provide precise temperature control while seamlessly integrating with your interior design.

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Ducted Split AC Units

Ducted split AC units offer a discreet cooling solution with customizable airflow. These units are ideal for spaces where aesthetics and climate control are equally important.

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Package AC Units

Our package AC units are a versatile choice for commercial spaces. They combine all essential components into a single unit, making them easy to install and maintain.          

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Kitchen Hood Ventilation

Our kitchen hood ventilation systems are tailored to effectively remove heat, smoke, and odors from commercial kitchens. They ensure a safe and comfortable working environment.

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Air Cooled Water Chillers

Our air-cooled water chillers are energy-efficient solutions for large-scale cooling needs. They ensure reliable temperature control in various industrial applications.

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Air Handling Unit (AHU)

Our AHUs are designed to circulate and purify air in buildings. They play a crucial role in maintaining air quality and ventilation for occupant well-being.

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Fan Coil Units

Fan coil units provide localized climate control within a space. They are compact, quiet, and efficient, making them an excellent choice for specific zones or individual rooms.

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Cold Rooms, Freezers & Chillers

Our cold rooms, freezers, and chillers are designed to meet precise temperature and storage requirements. They are essential for industries where temperature-sensitive products are stored.

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Air Handling Units & Condensing Units

Our air handling units and condensing units are engineered for optimal performance. They work together to regulate air quality and maintain comfortable indoor environments.

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